Christmas Vocabulary

If you want to  review words related to Christmas time, these  videos will help you. The first one is for 1º,2º,3º and 4º grade students and the second one is for 5º and 6º.
Just have a look!!

And in this link you will find some Christmas games.


Thanksgiving 2018

Last week, we celebrated Thanksgiving in the school.Some amazing activities were done in some courses.In these videos you will find its origin and  a real Thanksgiving parade in New york.Hope you like it!!!

Time capsule 6th level

To the finder of this time capsule

hello from the past!. We are 11 years old. This letter comes from a time capsule buried in our School ( called Guindalera) in 2016.

We are writing this message in English because we are doing an english work but we normally speak in spanish.

Life in 2016 is so great. This year is a leap year.

We go to school from 9 o’clock to 4 o’clock. We like sports, playing football, basketball and video games ( our favourite is clash Royale). We also love Heavy metal and disco music.

Our favourite possesions are: pen drive, head phones, football magazine, newspapaers, books, comics, video games, ball, photos.

We imagine the life will be different in the future. it clould be life in Mars and the pollution definitely will be destroyed, robots everywhere and more and more technology. Jobs for everybody and no wars…..

Good luck in the future

Guindalera level 6th

fotos 6º


6º 2

Buenos días a todos, como ya es nuestro último curso , vamos a dejar esta carta junto con nuestros objetos favoritos en un lugar secreto del cole y esperamos que cuando pasen muchísimos años alguien lo encuentre y pueda saber algo de nosotros.

Un abrazo

Los alumnos de 6º de Primaria


Natural Science Projects 5Th Grade

Hola a todos,  los alumnos de 5º de Primaria nos incorporamos al grupo de blogglers  del colegio y os mostramos algunos ejemplos de los projectos que hacemos en la clase de inglés.

Lo pasamos genial!!!          Seguro que os gustan!!!

starfish animales vertebrados animales 2