Valores 3ºB & 4ºB

El 20 de noviembre hemos celebrado el día universal de los niños y juntos trabajamos haciendo nuestros posters con los derechos de los niños, aquí os dejamos nuestras fotos con nuestros trabajos.



3 A & B Natural Science, Reina Sofia and the Robot Museum :)

We have visited three museums and here you have our pictures . At the Natural Science Museum we could see huge bones and very peculiar ancient animals. At the Reina Sofia we saw the famous Guernica painting , but our favourite museum  is The robot Museum because we met the famous R2 from Starwars and we saw the the drones around us.


3 A & B Remembering Halloween :-)

Christmas is coming and here you have our Halloween pictures. We had lots of fun. We were learning about the origin of Halloween doing fun activities with the language assistants Alfonso, Kathleen, Amelia and Joe.   We carved the pumpkin  and Emily´s mother came to tell an awesome story. We were playing together .  And tomorrow we are going to celebrate Thanksgiving  ;.)